Marsh Pointe State Percentile Ranking

Marsh Pointe Elementary Continues to be Ranked as One of the Highest Performing Schools in the State of Florida
Posted on 07/26/2018
Marsh Pointe Elementary has always been an A rated school.  However, we have also been consistently ranked as one of the highest achieving elementary schools in the state of Florida.  Below are the percentile ranks on the FY18 Florida Standards Assessments across nearly 450 students in grades 3-5.

English Language Arts Proficiency - 97th percentile
English Language Arts Student Gains - 94th Percentile
English Language Arts Gains for Lowest 25% of students - 88th percentile
Math Proficiency - 99th Percentile
Math Student Gains - 91st Percentile
Math Gains for Lowest 25% of Students - 93rd percentile

Marsh Pointe has earned an overall score of 97th percentile, ranking us in the top 3% of elementary schools in the State of Florida!